A Girl Named Prism

2004, multi-channel video installation with surround-sound audio, 16:00 minutes

Presented as a synchronized multi-channel video installation, a girl named Prism presents a fractured fictional narrative that focuses on the life of a middle aged woman as she attempts to harmonize her past, present, and future identities. Three screens simultaneously play out various accounts of the heroine’s personas: red/present, green/future, and blue/past.

In addition to the multiple screen set-up, the installation uses surround-sound to envelope the viewer. Specific sounds from each story are strategically positioned within the space. Focus shifts from one channel to the next by the movement and emphasis of corresponding audio tracks.

Prism’s visual time-warp encompasses the viewer’s physical space. The multi-channel installation allows for the viewer to actively choose which image or story to focus upon. This continuous shifting of gaze highlights the non-linear struggles within the characters’ existence. Each account communicates about the fragmentation of a woman’s life over time: her love, her work and her home.