2002, 16mm film loop, mdf, glass, rollers, bleach and humidifier

A 16mm film loop was created through the re-editing of scenes from various feature length films such as: Zabriskie Point, Independence Day, From Russia with Love. All selected films contain extensive explosion scenes. These explosions when edited together work to create an abstract collage, resulting as a continuous, ongoing explosion.

The projected image is approximately 180 x 240 inches. The pedestal on which the projector stands also functions as the chemistry lab/processing (or un-processing) tank. As the film exits the projector it runs through the inside of the pedestal carried along by a series of rollers. Inside the pedestal the film is subject to a bleach steam bath before it resurfaces and loops again through the projector. As the film continues this cycle, its emulsion slowly fades. Due to the bleach bath the filmstrip and therefore the projected image is constantly changing. The looped explosion never ends and the image is slowly washed away from the filmstrip. What remains is a empty frame, devoid of any recognizable image.